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Visiting every pub in the Good Beer Guide


On 5th April 2014, I had a dream.  Or was it a nightmare?  To tick every pub in the Good Beer Guide!  So I booked myself into a dirty  cask free dodgy Bedford pub for 2 nights, and the following morning, I hopped on a bus to the first pub listed in the book - the Albion at Ampthill.  On the way back to Bedford, the bus broke down.  It should've been a warning sign, but I ploughed on regardless, and 8.5 years later, I'm 50% of the way through the book.  My rules are simple, 25 mins per pub, 1 pint per pub, 'cross-tick' each new edition of the Guide and fill in the gaps until one year in the distant future, I have a fully green (yes I use a green Stabilo pen to highlight it but they don't pay me) edition.    Keep it pub!  Si 


Hello ......

from BRAPA Towers, York.  I think this is the bit you can say hello,  leave general comments about how wonderful I am, how terrible my choice of fonts and colours are, or other stuff.  I might tweak bits as I go along, but I really care about is the ability to write blogs and upload photos in a smoother way than on Blogger. 

Thanks for submitting!

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